RPI Advantages and disadvantages (P)

Application for an artist card
From May 2019 you can request the artist card online: www.artistatwork.be/nl
The paper application form can be found HERE
ATTENTION: do not confuse the artist CARD with the artist VISA: www.artistsunited.be/nl/content/blog/kunstenaarkaart-niet-gelijk-aan-visum

The legislator provided for certain rules regarding the use of the KVR ('Small Fee Regulation'):
- The KVR can only be used for artistic activities. The KVR should NOT be used for other types of activities. For example, teaching is seen as mainly educational. Even if teaching to dance, teaching an instrument, etc. certainly contains an artistic component, the Artist Card and the KVR can NOT be used here. 
- You may not use the KVR for more than 30 days a year (in total) and no more than 7 consecutive days (with the same client).
- You can charge a maximum of EUR 130.79 per day in 2020 via the KVR and a maximum of EUR 2,615.78 in 2020 (2,578.51 in 2019) per year.
- Use checklist / overview of activities, see below.
- Unemployment Benefit Fee/Chômage? You must color your box black if you work with KVR. You can therefore NOT combine this with an unemployement benefit fee. So you lose a day of UBF and you do not build up any rights to the 'artists status' at the same time when you use the KVR.
- ABROAD? The KVR is only valid on Belgian territory, as the other countries do not treat small-scale artistic performances in the same way.

Activities overview
- You should also use the performance checklist. This is a document with the overview of the activities that were paid with the KVR to use. It must be possible to present this document during any inspections and checks! (If via artistatwork, you must enter your performance online BEFORE performing the performance). Literally: "According to the regulations, you must be able to present the Card and the overview of your activities at your workplace to the inspection service." (In the new online application 'artistatwork' the intention is to enter the performances on the platform BEFORE the start of the achievement.)

  • In the absence of this list and / or the artist card, the payment can be reclassified as wages with a social security contribution to be paid by the client / employer, possibly increased by a fine. In that case, the artist can also be held responsible by the tax authorities for not reporting a professional income. Possibly the taxes to be paid will be increased with a fine.
  • Or the income can be reclassified as an independent income. In this case too, this can have an impact on the taxes to be paid. In addition, the competent authority will oblige the artist to comply with the contributions to be paid for the self-employed. This possibly increased with a fine.

Combination with other allowances or wages?

  • The KVR may NOT be combined with any other allowance such as the volunteer allowance or with a financial kilometer compensation.
  • If necessary, the KVR can be used for the artistic performances and the voluntary allowance for your non-artistic activities, but not on the same day.
  • Also the combination with a salary is NOT possible, unless the salaried performance would be a completely different activity (non-artistic). Indeed, the regulations literally state: “Can not invoke the provisions of this article the person who is bound to the same client at the time of the delivery of an artistic performance and / or the production of an artistic work by an employment contract, a contract as an independent or a statutory appointment, unless the aforementioned person and the client prove that the performance of the various activities is of a different nature."
  • You may NOT be paid the same calendar year with a salary and with the KVR by the same client. What does the Cultuurloket say about this: "An employee-artist can also make use of the KVR (provided of course that the conditions of the KVR are complied with). However, he cannot sometimes work for the same employer / client as an employee  (not even with the intervention of an interim office/BSA) and sometimeswith KVR. Example: actor has a stage performance. He is paid for the rehearsals with the KVR, for the performances as an employee. This is not possible. "

Solutions if the KVR can no longer be usedIf the KVR can no longer be used, ask us for more information without obligation. Commission/Commissie Kunstenaars: click http://socialsecurity.belgium.be/nl/kunstenaarsstatuut.

Lid worden, niets dan voordelen

U kan ook lid worden, dan geniet u van alle voordelen van een lidmaatschap:

U kan vrijblijvend een doorlichting van uw verzekeringen krijgen, specifiek voor de sector, u krijgt diverse kortingen, ook VZW's kunnen lid worden, u kan via zoekfuncties de FAQ/Adviesvragen raadplegen. Bepaalde zaken zijn publiek (P), andere zijn voorbehouden voor leden (L).
Zie alle voordelen op deze pagina

Voor alle vragen, afspraken, je dossier, ... gebruik info@artistsunited.be
Je krijgt binnen de 4 werkdagen een antwoord.