to deskjob or not, that is the question

to deskjob or not, that is the question

Pleidooi voor de kafka-capacitator in onze sector
"deep appreciation for the people who work behind the scenes to make your gigs possible".

Voor al die administratieven die onze kafka achter de schermen aanpakken, zodat wij op het podium ons ding kunnen doen.
Ja, het leven van een kunstenaar loopt niet over rozen. Maar dat van een 'bureautor' in de sector ook niet! Een getuigenis van Ellen McSweeney.

Why I Quit Playing and Got a Desk Job (And Why You Should, Too)
This past July, after one of the busiest concert seasons of my life, I got really burned out on being an entrepreneurial violinist/writer. Desperate for some kind of change, I started applying for full-time day jobs. I was really tired of:
not knowing where my next check was coming from
​struggling to birth projects in the jungle of other people’s schedules and priorities
fighting for press, attention, attendance, and funding (..) … did I mention not knowing where my next check was coming from?

Maybe you’re familiar with some of the above struggles. Taken together, they paint a picture of how tough it can be to stay in good spirits, good health, and good financial shape as a creative musician in a big city. These are the complaints we hear from our fellow musicians so often, usually followed by a heavy sigh. After applying for a few positions, I was lucky enough to land a full-time, salaried job with a Chicago arts organization. I had great co-workers, a nice office, and work that played to my strengths  I felt like an orphan who had suddenly been offered a place at someone’s table. Six months later, I sing a very different tune. I’ve transitioned to a part-time role at my office, and my perspective has dramatically shifted. I’m completely reinvested in being a musician, and I have a clear-eyed appreciation for the challenges and privileges of building a musical career. It’s not that my complaints weren’t valid -- they were -- but now I understand that they are the price of admission for the privilege of living a life in music. 

If you’ve ever longed for the comfort of a steady arts admin paycheck, you should absolutely go for it. Let me give you five reasons why:

1. You will find out very quickly how important your art-making is to you. What happens when forty hours of your life each week are eaten by nonmusical activities? Do yourself a favor and find out. Personally, my “ah-ha” moment was ...
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We drove to Omaha for a low-paying gig -- one of the highlights of my year. #hardisgood

We drove to Omaha for a low-paying gig -- one of the highlights of my year. #hardisgood




Lid worden, niets dan voordelen

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